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          Taixing Huarui: better less than excellence

          Time:2021-07-15 Pv:726

          With the gradual understanding of Chinese market on screw technology, domestic screw compressor manufacturers are increasing. The screw compressor consists of four parts: bearing, screw, motor and shell. There are no wearing parts. Thus reliable operation, long life and convenient operation and maintenance, high degree of automation.

          According to the refrigeration express reporter, the production of semi-closed piston machine and crankshaft started from Taixing Huarui began to develop their own screw compressor in 2012, and has been very fast speed in this year will be quantitative production.

          Since the development of screw compressor, Huarui has received the original customer support. Huarui insists on doing less and doing more. While focusing on the technical ability of skilled workers, it also enhances the management of the factory, so as to bring better experience and service to customers.

          Huarui will move into a new delivery room with an area of 20 mu next year, with a processing center and three coordinates of standard inspection equipment for production. Huarui insist on doing products, services of engineering dealers.

          About the China Cold Expo

          China Refrigeration, Air conditioning and Heat pump Energy Saving Expo (abbreviated as China Cold Expo) is a refrigeration industry exhibition hosted by the Ministry of Commerce foreign Trade Development Bureau, held every November, according to the "brand, professional, international" positioning, to the global refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump enterprises and professional buyers invite.

          China Cold Expo is a business negotiation event with high level, large scale and full coverage of refrigeration industry in the second half of the year. The number of buyers and the return rate of exhibitors have won the honor of "China's Top Ten Brand Exhibitions" awarded by the Conference and Exhibition Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce for five consecutive years. The 16th China Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Energy Saving Expo will be held on November 2-4, 2015 in Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center.


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